USA’s Golden Performance at the USATF Golden Games

Marley Gandee, Editor

This year at the USA Golden Games, the U.S. really went all out. In most events, they had an athlete in number 1. Here are just a couple of the amazing performances:

Raevyn Rogers – 1x Olympic Bronze Medalist, 1x World Record Holder

In the women’s 800, Raevyn Rogers, who is currently 7th in the world for the 800m dash, ran a 1:58.77, with a 58.56 400m split. She was behind her teammate, Kendra Chambers, for the first 400, but she unfortunately DNF (did not finish).

Fred Kerley – 1x Olympic Silver Medalist, 1x World Championships Gold Medalist

Current world leader, Fred Kerley, ran a 19.80 200m, getting himself 1st. Fred Kerley is beginning to get himself close to Usain Bolt’s 19.19.

Vashti Cunningham – 1x World Championship Gold Medalist, 1x Olympic Games FinalistĀ 

Vashti Cunningham jumped a 1.96m, in the high jump. She had 2 scratches and finally made the final jump. She attempted 1.98, but scratched on all three, ending the high jump competition. No other competitor even attempted at the 1.96, and only one made it to 1.90. The current world record is 2.09.

Christopher Nilsen – 1x Olympic Silver Medalist, 1x World Championship Bronze MedalistĀ 

Now Christopher Nilsen has his own page of accomplishments for pole vault. He is currently ranked number 6th in the world. He vaulted 5.91 meters and got himself qualified for the Olympic Games. In the pole vaulting competition, he got 1st place, against multiple other Olympic Qualifiers. This wasn’t even his personal best!

Elle Purrier – Current NACAC Record Holder: Mile Indoor

At the USATF Golden Games, Elle went out and ran her PB (personal best), and got first place! She is now qualified for the Olympic Games and went under 4 minutes. The current world record is 3:50.07, and Elle ran a 3:58.36, especially challenging when all other competitors are seconds behind you.

Women’s Pole Vault – (This one gets interesting)

For the Women’s Pole Vault, there was a three-way tie between Olivia Gruver, Rachel Baxter, and Bridget Williams. They all vaulted at 4.50 meters, and Rachel Baxter reached new heights at her PB. These ladies, unfortunately, did not come close to breaking the WR or NR.

Tonea Marshall – More to comeĀ 

Not all the greats have tons of titles… Tonea Marshall is one of those, at only 23-years-old, she beat the current world leader. She ran a time of 12.46 in the 100mH. The world record you ask? 12.2o. Tonea Marshall racing her way right to the top already in her young career.