HeartStopper The Show That Pulled Heart Stings!

HeartStopper The Show That Pulled Heart Stings!

Aspen Lenox, reporter

It’s been a few weeks since Heartstopper was put onto Netflix and it is pulling some heart strings! The show was originally a Webtoon and it now has hard copy books, audiobooks, and spin-off books you can find in your local Barnes & Nobel, or online. This little comic that was put on a niche app, has grown to a show that reached the top 5 on Nextflix two weeks after going live! The show is the first two volumes of the books, and is eight episodes long with a season 2 hopefully on its way!

The show, Heartstopper, follows high school sweetie Charlie (Joe Locke), who develops a crush on jock rugby player classmate Nick (Kit Connor). The series always chooses heart-stopping romance over trauma, a welcome tone for teen coming-out stories. The show jumps right into Charlie and Nick – it is a show you can binge in one day and get all the feelings you need to feel. The show is really important to a lot of people being able to relate to the characters on the screen and see them go through so much and getting through it. The casting for this show could not have been more perfect. The actors look like their book self to the dot of an ‘i’ and they play the characters extraordinarily well.

Charlie is a sweet boy who was “outed” (someone told the whole school he was gay) in year 9 (because they’re British) and had to deal with some really harsh harassment throughout that year.  When he starts year 10, it has calmed down a bit in front of him – he had his best friends Tao, Elle, and Isaac to help him through it all. He overcomes all his problems to be with the boy he truly loves.

I cried a little bit in the show- but I wouldn’t let that stop you from watching! Heartstopper is an overall happy show that will leave you feeling in a way better mood than you went into watching the show!