A Fresh Start for Sahuaro’s Freshmen Football Team


Ronaldo Felix

A new generation of Sahuaro’s Freshman football team is here and who knows how great it’ll be.  The team has been working hard since the summer with a new coach and a new set of players. The big question is…are they ready? The team has their first game not too far from now – September 8th – against their biggest rival – Sabino High School. Sabino will have already played their first game when that game does come around. Sahuaro hasn’t had a game yet, so will they be ready for that game?

The football Freshman team has been practicing every day after school, putting in hard work and dedication. “We been working our butts off, there’s so much running,” seems to be the consensus. In only a couple of weeks is the big day to show off all the hard work they’ve been doing every day after school, even though many new players missed out on the summer program. Pads and helmets have already been passed out to the players, and the jerseys are the last thing they need. They just recently had a fundraiser to raise money for the football team.

The summer program was a great way to start football practice early and get closer to the team, the coaches, and the school. Some of the football players who attended the summer football practice got the information in different ways. Some people went to school, got emails, and got information from their friends. “I asked coach because he came to my middle school,” a team member said.

The coaches have been working hard to keep everything in order and ensure the team is doing well, ensuring the team is ready for their game, getting enough practice, and knowing everything. Not just for practice but for the health of the team as well, telling the team that eating and sleep are important.

Let’s Go Cougars!