Nightfall Reopens This October


Marisa Linke, Reporter

One of Tucson’s most beloved attractions, Old Tucson, is finally reopening after closing due to the pandemic. Not only this, but the horrific and seasonal Nightfall will also be making a comeback this October. Two years ago, one of Tucson’s most well-known terror attractions, closed its doors, disappointing countless fans. The park will be reopening on October 6th and will run until the 30th. Thrill-seeking fans are looking forward to whatever new mysteries await.

This year, Nightfall is under redesign; a haunted, immersive mystery will unfold before the guests’ eyes. Participants may now venture through haunted coves and mazes, and interact with the performers to piece together the truth behind the fictitious ‘Nightfall.’ Long time fans don’t need to worry though; haunts such as ‘Dead Man’s Grotto’ will still be open for walkthrough. Attractions such as the railroad and various stunt shows will also be established for groups wanting a break from the horror.

Tickets will be available for purchase at the start of September, and guests are encouraged to prepare themselves by checking the website and ordering tickets in advance.