Neve Campbell Leaves Scream Franchise

Natalie Valdez Martinez, Reporter

Viktoria James 

Scream has been one of the most known horror film franchises since 1996 when the first movie was first released. Since then, Neve Campbell has been playing Scream‘s iconic main character, Sydney Prescott, from the original Scream (1996) through the newest movie, Scream (2022). After surviving all the killings, Neve’s character Sydney has found herself earning the role of “final girl.” Being with the franchise for more than 25 years, being the”final girl” seems like a very appropriate title for the ongoing survivor. However, after recently completing the fifth movie in the franchise, Neve Campbell announced that she would not be returning for the sixth. Fans everywhere have been shocked by her sudden statement regarding her soon-to-be absence.

Daniel Groeneweg

Neve Campbell spoke out at a horror convention about receiving a draft that was given to her. According to Neve, the script to the movie wasn’t out yet, leaving scream lovers in the dark about whether she would be returning. Campbell stated that she’ll, “read the script and see how she feels.” Soon after that, she announced that she received the script and expressed her excitement. She said, “I haven’t read it yet, I just got it…” 

However, for a while now Campbell has vocalized her concern about not being paid enough for the vital role she played in the movies. Her overall worth to the Scream movies was not met even after the five movies in the franchise. After a long and difficult decision, Neve Campbell ultimately decided that the most professional decision for herself would be to leave the movies altogether.  When people questioned her decision to leave the franchise, Neve Campbell had this to say: “I felt the offer that was presented to me did not equate to the value I have brought to the franchise.” Now it is confirmed that she will not be returning for the sixth movie.