U of A Wins A Football Game?


Cymona Abellard, reporter

We all know that the U of A hasn’t had the best time winning games in the past couple of years, but SDSU has always been mediocre, if not great.

U of A: In 2019, we were 4 and 8                               SDSU: In 2019, they were 10 and 3

In 2020, we were 0 and 5                                           In 2020, they were 4 and 4

In 2021, we were 1 and 11.                                           In 2021, they were 12 and 2

With just those few years of statistics, you can see that SDSU is the better team when it comes to winning games. But something must have come over the team on Saturday, September 3rd this year, and we won our first game of the season for the first time since 2017. The score resulted in 38-20.

Jayden de Laura was one of the top players in this game. He is a quarterback for the U of  A and was able to throw 4 touchdown passes, a total of 299 yards, and 1 interception throw.

Some may say that this win has to do with Jedd Fisch. He is the new football coach for the U of A and has only been the coach since December 23, 2020. So even though he did coach them through the entire season last year and they only won 1 game, it takes a minute of adjustment to build relationships with the team and have enough chemistry to pull off a win.

No matter why you think they were able to win this game. or if you think they will be able to win more this year, all that matters is the University of Arizona won a football game! Maybe this will spark people’s spirit and the games’ attendance rates will increase.

Hopefully, this is the kick-off to an amazing season and we put in the same effort at the next game against Mississippi State University on Saturday, September 10 at 8 pm.