Canadian Stabbing Rampage


Taelyn Nordbrock, Reporter

There was a massive stabbing on Sunday the 4th, which happened at 13 different crime scenes, mostly at James Smith Cree Nation, an indigenous community. One of the suspects was found after a massive manhunt, but he passed away from self-inflicted injuries.  ABC News stated, “Brothers Myles Sanderson, 30, and Damien Sanderson, 31, are suspected of carrying out the deadly stabbing spree in an Indigenous community in Saskatchewan on Sunday.”

The first 911 call came around 5:40 in the morning. Many people were injured, and 10 were killed. There’s a new investigation going down, now that both suspects are pronounced dead. Damien, one of the suspects, was found dead in the grass by one of the crime scenes with visible injuries on him. Many of the victims’ families just want closure and want to know the reason behind this rampage. According to law enforcement officials, they believe Myles was the one who killed 10 of the victims. Some are thinking that Myles killed his brother Damien because he was found in a field near one of the scenes.

The victims ranged from the age of 23 to as old as 78 being killed, and as young as 14 for being injured. They still had life left in them, and no reason to be killed. Many of the victim’s family members have said kind words in conferences or on their own on social media. It was spread far and touched many on what had happened, and prayers have been made for the victim’s families and the pain they’re going through. Many of the officers have stated their condolences and showed love to the families.