Legacies: A Must Watch on Netflix


Courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes.

Jayla Harris, Reporter

Legacies is a fantasy drama that is now streaming on Netflix. Originally released on the CW in October of 2018, the show is a spin-off of “The Originals” and is a part of “The Vampire Diaries”. All three shows share some of the same characters and have only four seasons as of right now.

The show Legacies is based in a fantastical town called Mystic Falls, where there is a school for supernatural creatures, the Salvatore school where the young gifted witches, wolves, and vampires attend. Hope Mikaelson, the daughter of Klaus Mikaelson, is the main character in Legacies. She was created through a loophole because she is the only one that is a tribrid. A tribrid is three supernatural creatures in one – in her case, she is a wolf, witch, and vampire-all in one. In the show, she fights and protects the mysterious monsters and threats at the Salvatore school. By her side are the twins  – Lizzie & Josie Saltzman – they are siphoners. This means they only get their magic by sucking magic from a witch or any magical object even the other supernatural beings. Despite the arguing and bumping heads due to Hope’s jealousy and the relationship with the twins’ father, they make a great team battling the monsters.

As I continue watching Legacies, it doesn’t fail to excite and humor me. If you like fantasy/supernatural movies or shows about just anything mythical I highly recommend it.