The End of a Trilogy: Canelo and GGG


Ali Wood, Reporter

On September 17, 2022, Canelo Álvarez took the win against Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin, also known as, “GGG”, after three intense boxing matches, ending their trilogy.

The scores were 116-112, 115-113, and 1,15-113.

The two are known to be rivals.

They first encountered each other on September 16, 2017. The fight looked good for GGG but overall ended in a controversial split draw. The ref, Dave Morretti, received criticism after the round results, which were: GGG winning the first round, 115-113, the second round Canelo winning 118-110, and the last round was a tie which was 114-114.

Due to the backlash, a rematch was rescheduled to take place in May but got postponed to September 2018, after Canelo tested positive for clenbuterol, a banned substance. He was put on suspension, which ended on August 17th, 2018.

Canelo won the second fight, 115-113. Even after the matches, boxers strongly believed they won the first two bouts.

They both believed another match was necessary.

After intense 12 rounds, Canelo won. The final score was 115-113.

Canelo Álvarez, whose real name is Saúl Álvarez, is famous for knocking out his opponents and is a middleweight boxer. He is originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, but moved to Jalisco, Mexico with his family. 

In school, he was bullied for looking “different.” He learned to box, at 13,  to defend himself and his family’s name. He dropped out in eighth grade to pursue his dream of boxing. 

Canelo’s boxing record is 2 losses, 2 draws, and 58 wins, which brings him to a whopping 62 boxing bouts. 

Gennady Golovkin, (GGG), who is also a middleweight boxer, was born in Karaganda, Kazakhstan. He is known for hitting hard and his efficient footwork. 

He started boxing at the age of 10, when his trainer, Victor Dmitriev, wanted to test his skills after only one month of training.

His boxing record is 45 bouts, 42 wins, 2 losses, and 1 draw.

In 2003, he participated in “World Amateur Boxing Championships”, and won a gold medal.

After the fight, the rivalry seemed to have ended when Canelo said, “We gave the fans three good fights. Thank you for everything.”