Abortion Rights Begin to Shift in Arizona


Marisa Linke, Reporter

The national battle between pro-life and pro-choice continues as Arizona expects a state-wide ruling on banning the legality of abortions.

Earlier this week, the Pima County Superior Court Judge, Kellie Johnson, was expected to make a decision regarding a pre-statehood abortion ban, and its re-instation. Both parties—pro-life and pro-choice—still anxiously await the judge’s decision.

The old ban advises jail time for those that make abortion available to pregnant mothers. Thanks to an injunction passed in the early 70’s, this law has been blocked and evaded by abortion providers. However, if Johnson chooses to keep said injunction in place, it’ll all be for naught when Arizona’s governor, Doug Ducey, has his signed law come to light. If Johnson’s decision resides with the side of Planned Parenthood and abortion advocates, then the new law will ban abortions after 15 weeks.

This new law rules that all abortions will be banned state-wide, no matter the circumstances of the mother—including rape or incest. This law only takes into account the safety of the mother’s own life, in which then and only then, a procedure may be available.

Pro-choice Arizonans and activists alike hope that this new law will be appealed when the time comes for our political parties to reclaim their state legislature. If Democrats win, then it’s likely the abortion bans will be lifted with time.