Trump Corporation Fraud Trial


Nicholas Cordova, SHS News Editor

Former President Trump’s company, the Trump Organization, is on trial for tax fraud as of Monday October 24th. While Trump is no stranger to the court room, having been a part of thousands of business disputes, this one could have serious consequences if something goes wrong.

This will be the Trump Organization’s first criminal case. The charges being levied upon the former President are criminal tax fraud, conspiracy, and falsifying business records. Supposedly, this scheme dates all the way back to 2005. If convicted, the Trump Organization will not only have to pay 1 million dollars but he likely will not be allowed to take out any more loans. In his past cases, Trump has been able to settle them with his money, but this case will be much harder to win.

Some of Trump’s own employees, such as his Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselburg, will be testifying against him to get lighter sentences. It’s not just Weisselburg though. Another senior executive at the Trump Organization, Jeffery McConney, allowed prosecutors to view many financial records which could help their case. McConney, Trump’s senior Vice President, will also be testifying against the Trump Organization in court. It’s possible that other Trump Organization employees will join their higher-ups in testifying against the company. With what he’s being accused of, it is very unlikely that the former President will get out of this mess unscathed.