Rapper Takeoff Passes Away

Rapper Takeoff Passes Away

Tiena Navarro, Reporter

Rapper Takeoff passed away on November 1st in Houston, Texas.  Takeoff was a great rapper and was part of a trio named Migos.   He got the name Takeoff because when Migos was in the studio, he would just “take off” with his verses and his lines all at one time. The real name of Takeoff is Kirsnick Khari Ball. Takeoff has no kids or wife. But he was cousins with the other Migos. His net worth was about 26 million, and he was the youngest in the group, being born on June 18, 1994.

He was shot and killed around 2:30 am due to a fight that broke out in a bowling alley. Someone had a gun and opened fire at Takeoff and another Migos member, Quavo.  There was a funeral and a public memorial for his loved ones and fans; Justin Bieber and Drake delivered a poem in his honor.  It was 12 pm in Atlanta at the State Farm Arena, which was transformed into a church.  Fans, family, and friends went to show their love and support for each other in such a sad circumstance. The ceremony opened with about an hour of gospel music. White roses covered the stage, and Takeoff’s casket sat at the foot of stairs made to resemble mother of pearl. Acrobats in angel outfits danced in the back corners, suspended from white ribbons, as a choir sang.

The tickets were bought on Ticketmaster, but they did have a no picture or video policy there.   The latest news on what happened at the funeral is that they had made people when they walked into the door drop their phones in sealed pouches only staff could open.  The funeral was very sad and breathtaking and hurt your heart.  Takeoff has had many funny moments that have even become a meme over time.

It was a very sad way to die when he had so much more to overcome and archive. To a lot of people, he was very good-hearted and cared for his loved ones and friends. Takeoff will always be remembered and loved by all.