Movies You Must Watch in Theaters Now!

Natalie Valdez Martinez, Reporter

Black Adam

Black Adam is a film starring Dwayne Johnson (The Rock). This movie is a spin-off of the DC comic superhero, Shazam. Black Adam has a tough time in the years leading up to when he got his power. The roots of Black Adam give forth the fact that he was a slave. However, in his origins, you can also find out that his son had sacrificed his own life to save his father’s. After this unfortunate event, Black Adam was gifted his powers by a wizard that went by name of Shazam. You could see that to Black Adam, his powers were nothing to celebrate and not a gift but rather seen as something quite rotten. After receiving the powers, he turned and ended up using them for evil, which caused him to be locked up for 5,000 years. After being released, he is challenged due to his ways of fighting for justice.

Ticket to Paradise

Ticket to Paradise is a new movie, directed by the producers of Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. When an ex-married couple is both gathered together by their daughter announcing she is getting married, they decide that it is a mistake. Although they have an extremely rocky past, they must join forces to stop their daughter from marrying a seaweed farmer. Through all the hardships of trying to stop their daughter’s marriage, they find themselves finding what made them fall in love all those years ago. This drama-filled movie stars the iconic actors Julia Roberts and George Clooney.


Smile is a horror movie that stars Sosie Bacon. When Dr. Rose Cotter engages in a meeting with her client who describes seeing something that’s smiling at her, strange things happen. During this appointment with her patient, she experiences a life-changing event. She begins seeing the most unexplainable things when no one else can. Her life begins to feel with dread and an inescapable amount of fear. After deciding she has to do something and can’t just live in fear, she must figure out how to stop the thing that she’s seeing with less than a week to live.