Vinice Mabansag: The 8 Billionth Person


Summer Campbell, Reporter

On November 15, 2022 a baby girl was born in the Philippines at 1:29 am local time. The baby, Vinice Mabansag, was born at the Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital and was chosen to be labeled as the symbolic 8 billionth person on earth.  She has been going viral for being the global population’s new milestone.

It has taken 12 years for a billion people to be added to the global population. The United Nations said there have been major improvements in public health that have lowered the risk of death in increased life expectancy. The United Nations also said this is an important time to look past the numbers and meet the shared responsibility to protect people and our planet.

Demographers have estimated that humanity will continue growing in its global population over the next 60 years.  According to the U.N., improvements in medicine, nutrition, and personal hygiene have also been predicted to happen as the global population grows. In a most recent project from the U.N., they suggest that the population could grow up to  8.5 billion in 2030 and possibly 9.7 billion in 2050, before it reaches a milestone of 10.4 billion people during the 2080’s. This could also cause a challenge to food, water, and energy supply in the near future.