Final Pep Rally Cut Short


Taylor Gaines, Reporter

Rivalry between grades is normally upperclassmen vs lowerclassmen, but this year, Sahuaro’s rivalry seems to be upperclassmen vs upperclassmen. The assembly on Friday April 15th was cancelled mid-way through due to actions of the student body in the junior and senior sections. It all started with a joke on Twitter that turned into a fued amongst prom enthusiasts about if its okay for juniors to wear long dresses.  This went too far and some seniors threatened to cut a junior’s dress if they did not approve of the length.

At the assembly, the controversy exploded when juniors held up posters saying, “Let’s all wear long dresses.” A group of senior girls cut up a prom dress and ripped up a piñata that said, “Class of ’17.” Juniors blew up something that we are not allowed to learn about in Health class, and someone thought it would be a good idea to crowd surf. Not to mention, a couple of kids decided to switch sides which caused a chanting uproar.

Our principal, Mr. Estrella stated, “There was behavior that was going on between a small group of juniors and seniors. Not all juniors and seniors were involved, but it came to a time where there were many people participating.” Administration did express that there were a few students held accountable for their actions. “Going into the assembly there were already conflicts, which caused a bad vibe. But what caused the outburst was the forgotten message Mike Smith (the advocate-for- kindness skater who came to our school last year) was trying to portray in the students to bring people in and what they are going to be remembered by,” Mr. Lundstrom, assistant principal, said.

Alyssa White, senior tennis player, expressed her feelings about the assembly by stating, “I do not agree with the assembly being cancelled because many student athletes like myself were not given the opportunity to be recognized for their accomplishments.” Emilee Homan, junior, said, “I think the dress war is just childish. A grade should not determine a dress length. If the seniors want to wear a long dress, go for it. If a junior or underclassman wants to wear a long dress, go for it.”

The chanting began when people started switching sides, which Greg Snyder took part of. “What happened was, I sat on the juniors side. Also the speakers were way too quiet to hear because the way they’re set up acoustically, so kids couldn’t hear or pay attention. Unfortunately, the seniors side noticed I was on the juniors side while the volleyball team was being recognized. The chant “Greg’s a traitor” started because they were salt…they’re talking about dresses, then they cut one and Cheddar put on a dress.  But then Patterson looked me in the eyes and told me it was all my fault and to sit with the seniors,” Greg Snyder, senior explained. “I think the volleyball team, wrestling team, track and tennis teams were all pretty bummed they weren’t able to be recognized. I do feel sorry for the kids that didn’t get to do their promposals the way they wanted to. I’m sorry for my role in this.”

Tyler Burke, junior, expressed, “From my point of view I saw the seniors doing what they always do, thinking they’re top-dog, cheating, and running the show. But us juniors had enough and this year have decided to, in lack of a better way put it, give them a taste of their own medicine.”

Camilla Ibarra, junior who painted several murals on campus, including the cougar in the cafeteria, was upset that a few seniors ripped up her junior section poster.  “I worked really hard on that.”  ShIMG_9062-900x600e says one of the boys did end up apologizing to her, recognizing that it was messed up.

Leaving this assembly, Mr. Estrella wanted to say, “We want to be that school where people want to come to learn, teachers care about their students, everyone cares about their futures and each other.” Adding to that Mr. Lundstrom said, “I believe in the goodness in the people here. If we listen to Mike Smith this school will be great. More respectful, positive.”