Aiden Miller: Sahuaro Wrestling Team


Summer Campbell, Reporter

Here at Sahuaro High School, we have many clubs and sports that you could get into. One of our many sports is wrestling. Aiden Miller, freshman,  is on the Sahuaro wrestling team and is very passionate about it. So far Aiden has been to one tournament and has one win and one loss, but that doesn’t discourage him. Unless there is a tournament, Aiden works out Monday through Saturday doing conditioning, practicing moves, and skill-based activities.  Eventually, they will get into the weight room, making everyone better and stronger. Wrestling is a sport that requires hard work and determination. The head coach is Isaiah Garrett and the assistant coach is Daniel Rogers.

“It’s the only sport I really enjoy doing,” he says. Some things that you are required to have to get into wrestling are to “fill out a physical or if you already have one, add wrestling to your ATS, some wrestling headgear and shoes, and you are required to have a mouth guard if you have braces. That’s it!” Each individual match lasts about 2 minutes unless you get pinned. The next wrestling tournament is this Wednesday, December 7  at Amphi HS at 4pm.  Aiden says his favorite part about wrestling is the wrestling meets.

If you are interested in joining Sahuaro’s wrestling team talk to the head coach Isaiah Garrett or the assistant coach Mr. Rogers soon!