Red And Kitty Are Back? – That ’90s Show Review


Cymona Abellard, Reporter

In 1998, Fox put out “That ’70s Show” and it aired all the way until 2006. That show is based around Red and Kitty’s son Eric and his friends, Donna, Hyde, Kelso, Fez, and Jackie. Throughout the entire 8 seasons based in Point Place, Wisconsin, you follow Eric, everyone around him, and all the random drama that comes with their friend group. Now that it has been 17 years, Netflix released a new season of “That ’90s Show” based on Eric’s kid Leia.

In the first episode, Leia is coming down to Point Place to visit her grandparents for the 4th of July, but she meets the girl next door and they become close friends. By the night’s end, Leia tells her mom and dad that she decided she would like to stay with her grandparents for the rest of the summer. After they all agree, Leia meets her new friend group, her new best friend Gwen and her brother Nate, Nate’s girlfriend Nikki, Jay (who is Michael Kelso’s son), and Ozzie.

Throughout only one season you see Leia transform from a nerdy shy person, into her true outgoing self. If it weren’t for the group of people she chose to surround herself with this summer, she would have never experienced the things that they shared and did together and it could have taken her many more years to finally break out of her shell. Gwen was an amazing friend who helped her when times were hard and Leia didn’t know what she was feeling, or what to do with those feelings. With all of that help, she was able to be confident and find herself falling for someone who she spent the rest of the summer happy with.

If you have seen That ’70s Show, this new show piggybacks off of it basically the entire time while still having new, funny jokes. Even though the new characters are somewhat based on the old ones, they each have their own personality that blends very nicely together. This was very nostalgic to watch and brought back old memories of watching That ’70s Show.

If you are like many other people and have never really even heard of That ’70s Show, I recommend watching this new That ’90s Show season on Netflix and if you love it as many people did, go back and watch That ’70s Show that is now on Peacock and just wait for everything to start making so much more sense.