5 Things To Do In Arizona For Spring Break

5 Things To Do In Arizona For Spring Break

Makayla Wincher, Reporter

 Go Shopping

BUY until you’re broke... and then you can thank Arizona’s beautiful shopping malls. There are both indoor and outdoor areas included. My favorite mall purchases for spring break are shoes, a tote bag, and a nice-smelling perfume!

Visit the Zoo

If you’re bored, take your family to the zoo. The stunning Asian Elephants, Sumatran Tigers, and charming goats are just a few of the amazing animals that visitors to the Phoenix Zoo enjoy seeing. Giraffe feeding, stingray encounters, and camel rides are also available. Tickets for adults are $39.95, and children aged 3 to 13 are $29.96! Make sure to purchase your tickets online to save an extra 5 dollars.

Top Golf

Top Golf is a fantastic destination for families to visit and enjoy themselves. They have numerous locations all around Arizona. You can fire golf balls at Top Golf from three different levels. Top golf is open everyday of the week Mon-Thurs: 10AM – 11PM, Fri-Sat: 10AM – 1AM, and Sun: 10AM – 11PM. Prices are per hour, per bay. Each bay accommodates up to 6 players

Great Wolf Lodge

It is located in Scottsdale, and open all year! Body and tube slides, raft rides, as well as a multi-level play structure for youngsters are all part of the water park, which is heated to a comfortable 84 degrees throughout the year. A ropes course, mini bowling, arcade, mini golf course, and a live-action adventure game are all available at the resort.

Urban Air

Urban Air is located all around Arizona! Whether you want to participate in the jumping and climbing pleasure or would rather watch your children complete the ropes courses by themselves, Urban Air promises to satisfy. I recommend you sign a wavier online so you won’t have to do it when you get there.