Pinterest Is Being Investigated?!


Cymona Abellard, Reporter

Pinterest is an app/website we all know and love. Pinterest can be used for hairstyle and outfit ideas, artistic inspiration, shopping, and anything else you’d like, but unfortunately, that is why it is under investigation.

The problem is that people worldwide, at any age, have access to anything and everything, and some people use that privilege to their advantage. Young boys and girls should be able to use this website for inspiration and creativity without the chance of creepy men or women having access to their uploads.

Unfortunately, Pinterest has never had any safety protocols such as reporting users, the boards they make, or having an age requirement. This causes people to have too much freedom to see and/or save anything they’d like. This makes it very easy for dangerous online predators to make inappropriate “boards” on their accounts with pictures/videos that anyone has posted, even minors.

Recently, NBC News launched an investigation on Pinterest as a whole to see how these issues can be fixed. The most important thing is to make sure minors can use the app safely and that the website has protocols to keep certain people from access to their accounts.

In response to NBC’s investigation, Pinterest said that they have “dramatically increased their number of human content moderators, added new features that allow users to report content and accounts that violate its standards” according to CBS Austin. They also mentioned that the Kids Online Safety Act responded by saying that they understand they are making an effort, but it shouldn’t have taken “national media coverage” to encourage a change.

Many parents/adults agree with that statement and hopefully, Pinterest takes what they said to heart and continues to look out for their users every day and even adds more safety features to make sure this doesn’t continue to be a reality. Pinterest should be a safe place for people of all ages to go on and boost their creativity and not have to worry about online predators every second.