NBA Suspending Ja Morant


James Force, Sports Editor

Ja Morant, the point guard for the Memphis Grizzlies, has been suspended by the NBA for 8 games. After flashing a gun on his Instagram live and having an earlier encounter with the Indiana Pacers where his friend he was with shined a gun beam into the Pacers bus, the league has had enough.

After playing the Denver Nuggets, Ja went to a club with his friends. That’s where he started his Instagram live and flashed the gun. In an interview with Jalen Rose, Ja claimed the gun wasn’t his but his friend’s. Ja and the club were also investigated by Denver police, but it didn’t lead to any findings and was dropped.

After the incident was reported, Ja decided the best move for him was to one: claim any and all responsibility and two: go to a mental hospital and seek help. Ja hasn’t disclosed what he is in the mental hospital for, but people have theorized he has a drug or alcohol addiction and is trying to get over it.

Ja did himself a huge favor doing this though as the last time a player was found with a gun on NBA premises, they were suspended for over a season with no pay.  Ja was also able to keep his Nike and Powerade sponsorships intact. Now, if Ja decides to come back after the 8 game suspension, which at this point it seems unlikely, he will be able to join his team right before they make a run at the NBA title.

Even though Ja has had a lot of missteps, fans are still pulling for him and hoping that this will be what he needs to change and see the error of his ways. We are all hoping to see Ja back on the court making amazing plays and saying his well-known catchphrase, “It’s a parade inside my city yeah!”