Officer Reunites with Child He Saved in 2011


Cymona Abellard, Reporter

In 2011, Officer Walter Sweeney received a call about a little boy falling into a pool. He was close to the emergency, so he responded and rushed to the location. When he got there, the little boy named Matthew was turning blue due to not being able to breathe with the water in his lungs.

Thankfully, all Officer Sweeney had to do was hit him a couple of times on the back and Matthew started coughing up water. Because of Sweeney’s fast response to the call, he saved baby Matthew’s life quickly and everything ended up fine.

Now 12 years later, Matthew and Officer Sweeney reunited and met one another. Matthew is now 12 years old (almost 13) and when he got into the same room as Sweeney all he could say was: “Do you remember me?” and when Sweeney responded with “I do,” they shared a long hug.

While watching the video of them reuniting, you can tell that this means the world to Matthew and he truly appreciates what Officer Sweeney did for him all those years ago. Even if he doesn’t fully remember that day since he was only a year old.

We tend to see officers saving people’s lives on TV pretty regularly, but what you don’t get to see is those people come back and thank the officers for doing their job many years later. Hopefully, Matthew got everything he wanted out of their meeting again, and he is satisfied with meeting his hero.