Come Join Poli-Sci

Come Join Poli-Sci

Giselle Enriquez, Editor-In-Chief

There are important changes happening in our society on so many levels. Collectively, we as a society have the power, driven by the deep lack of satisfaction to change the world. With breaking news at the touch of our fingers, trends changing, and people breaking all sorts of constraints, it is important for us to know the world around us, and just exactly how we have the capability of changing it. The Political Science club here at Sahuaro opens the door for anyone who not only may be interested in U.S. politics, but global news and information.

“The goal with the club is really to inform people,” said Poli-Sci President, Giselle Enriquez. “It doesn’t matter what your platform is or what you believe is right from wrong, rather just how informed are you to be able to defend your stance and truly know what you’re talking about. People are always very opinionated and take pride of what they believe in, this is an opportunity to become more informed.”

The Poli-Sci club has meetings every other Monday in Mr. McCane’s room (225) right after school. At these meetings, members are able to share their opinions on controversial topics and recent political headlines. Not only does the club¬†share a lot of opinion on matters in the world, but they also play fun interactive games that really get you thinking.

“Once we even did this exciting activity called Whistle Stop Questions,” said member, Lanissa Patterson, “We had 20 seconds to answer a question about important news or the culture within the media. It was a lot of fun and I ended up running out of time during my response.”

It is not a requirement to know exactly what is going on in the news, or exactly where you stand on the political lines. This club is open for anyone and everyone who wants to get informed, and eat some snacks while doing it. The next meeting will be right before Election Day on Monday, November 7th.  Join Poli-Sci, we want you!