Ringtail Cat Captured in Culinary

Eva Lange, Adviser

Just in case you were wondering what happened to our furry new mascot, who health assistant Yolanda Machado nicknamed “Ringo” – wonder no more.  The little guy caused a ruckus around campus, leaving tiny black footprints around photo, gnawing into a loaf of Wonder Bread in Mr. Mack’s room, and stealing food from teachers’ rooms.  But last week, Ringo got himself cornered in the Culinary room.  Dean Loomis, Sahuaro groundskeeper, wanted to peacefully arrest the culprit, but assistant principal Patty Hurley thought it wiser to let the animal control company TUSD contracts to be the ones to capture Ringo, since if it bit Mr. Loomis it would be a liability.  He was told that the animal would be released back into the mountains.

While Ringo awaited his fate, Mr. Loomis stated that he was growling and looked really menacing.  “He sounded like Linda Blair in The Exorcist.”

After he was caught, he suddenly turned into a “fluffy, sad looking creature.”  Hopefully Ringo will be okay with foraging for his own food and hasn’t become addicted to white bread and culinary treats…