F8 Five Finger Death Punch: Review

An Album Well Worth the Wait


Image from Livindia News

Amanda Mourelatos, Editor in Chief

Finally the day has come where F8 released and metalheads are satisfied once again. Five Finger Death Punch released their 8th studio album on February 28th, 2020. This band has always had a special place in my heart since they were one of the first bands I saw live, but their last album slightly disappointed me. Because of that, I have been on the edge of my seat for this album.

Listening through it the first time, I was genuinely pleased and overall satisfied. I’m not normally big on singles in general, but I really like Inside Out and Full Circle, the singles released back in December 2019. Being that I was so satisfied with the singles, I had something to look forward to because the album as a whole is usually better than its singles; that is more than true in this album.

This album has a tasteful combination of the old Death Punch feel and new, modern rock vibes: both lyrically and melodically. There’s still the stinging guitar riffs and spastic bass drum, as 5FDP does. But, a couple of the songs are more chilled, similar to Remember Everything; this song has a heartfelt tone and the lyrics to match. The more lax songs that come to mind are Brighter Side of Grey and Darkness Settles InIn Brighter Side of Grey, my favorite song on the album, it begins with acoustic guitar as everything else joins it. Besides the instrumental end of it, I love the strengthening message behind this song; some of the lyrics say, “I’ll be waiting on the brighter side of grey. If you’re reading this, I know you’re feeling sorrow. If you’re hearing this, I know you’re probably scared, just know that all the things you want are borrowed and all you get to keep is all you’ve shared.” Darkness Settles In also begins with acoustic guitar playing a soft melody, which isn’t usual in hard rock groups; Ivan Moody, the lead singer, is even whispering lyrics at one point. It picks up in the chorus with electric guitars and drums, but it still has the mellow, uncommon vibe.

Some of the heavier songs on the album that I really liked are This is War and Making Monsters. These songs have that classic, screaming Death Punch feel to them, the kind that make you headband right off the bat. In the beginning of This Is War, the drummer is echoing the guitar riffs with the double bass drum and other toms, and what a way to start a song. This song is one of those angrier, more personally directed songs that is executed very well. Making Monsters has a haunting, distorted voice throughout the song, icing on the cake. It also has a killer guitar solo towards the end.

One of my favorite parts of this album definitely has to be the bonus song titled Death Punch Therapy. I’m sure all the long-term fans can agree with me on this that this song is one of the most creative ways to reminisce older songs, such as Under and Over It, Battle Born, The Devil’s Own, and possibly more loved 5FDP songs. The title intrigued me when I saw it, and when I heard the Easter eggs that topped it off.

The one thing I was dissatisfied with was the cover art. Those that know 5FDP know that all of their album covers have their skeleton mascot…until now. F8’s album has a snake wrapped into a figure 8 and is eating itself with an illuminati-like triangle and eye in the back. No skull, no skeleton, nothing of the ordinary. I really like the concept, but I prefer Death Punch’s mascot. On previous album covers, this character is standing next to a Lambo, holding guns, flexing its guns, wearing a pilot uniform, and more, but it’s always their classic man of bones.

All in all, I was highly impressed with the outcome of F8. There isn’t one song on the album that I don’t really care for and there’s so many I’ve fallen in love with. This is definitely one of their better albums in my opinion, and it restored my faith in their future as a group.