Chalking the Streets


Students expressing their love to their teachers

Dacey Cervantes, Senior Spotlight Editor

Chalk? It’s the new normal, it’s the new fancy way to decorate the streets, sidewalks, and of course walls. Due to all the children being home and parents going crazy trying not to pull their hair out from the screams, messes, and video games, chalk has become a great escape. As school districts are trying to find the best way to keep their kids learning for the rest of the year and parents are trying to find more ways than just their colored screens to keep their children occupied, the great outdoors have opened its arms to the love of their community.

A uplifting quote for the parents of Sierra Morado
Some more wall chalk in Sierra Morado

Children are flooding the streets with amazing pictures, quirky sayings, inspiring messages and cheerful colors. As the kids find their new normal, they are also brining in a nice calm to the crazy we call reality now. If you haven’t seen it yet, look around – you can find random streaks to powerful sayings to amazing portraits of Disney characters out of CHALK. After speaking to the community manager, Jodie Cervantes, at Sierra Morado she says, “I believe it is amazing to see the kids and parents in my community coming together and sharing their uplifting thoughts. I think we forget how much this affects the kids too and I think it’s great that they’re able to get out and try to inspire others.”

While the kids play outside chalking the streets with art, as an outsider of any community with children using chalk and coloring the walls, streets, and sidewalks, it’s a beautiful sight and it brings smiles to everybody coming in and out of that community. Parents now relax as the urge to pull their hair out goes away, they get to watch their kids laugh and draw instead of scream and make messes. The little ones have a lovely outside activity, chalking the streets, and even though the times can be hard at the moment they sure are filling Sierra Morado and other communities with the colorful pictures and quotes.