Influencers Unmasked


Image from L.A. Times

Paula Le

Why is it that influencers talking about the importance of social distancing, then they are later seen at a party? Then somehow expect us to accept their sad excuse of an apology? For me, if one has a  gathering every once in a while I guess it’s okay but not consistently. But from what I see from the internet, people are holding parties in LARGE groups!? You cannot preach about something and then do the exact opposite. That is just simply being two-faced.

I cannot express enough how much I believe people who have a large following should no longer hold a position of being an “influencer”. Certain “influencers”  wear masks in public but once they are in a house full of people, they think they no longer have to wear one. Take, for instance, Youtuber James Charles. You take Instagram pictures of yourself wearing a mask, but you are seen at a semi-large event with no mask on. Make it make sense. You cannot pick and choose when to wear a mask in public. Just simply wear them. Tana Mongeau came out with an apology for going out to the club on multiple occasions and claimed she will make better choices. But guess what, she was later seen at a club later on in the week. People who look up to them will think that masks and the safety of others are not as important as their selfishness. Even in general, those who say they have learned from their mistakes and will change…. most of the time never keep their promise. How do you expect people to support you when you can’t even keep your word? Now that does not mean it is a reason to bash them because it does not make us a better person then they are. My point is that people should stop giving them their time of day. I think those who choose to make poor choices should no longer make money off of us viewers.

At this point, the only thing we should support are animals who want to be famous. I understand the saying ” I am human and I make mistakes”, but how many times do you plan on using that card? I wish those who have a large following prove they have acknowledged their mistake and actually do something about it rather brush it off their shoulder.