Support Small Businesses!


Image from Yelp

Paula Le, Reporter

Wherever you live, there is probably a business owner whose only employee is themselves or a couple of people. But the question is, can you name at least 10 local businesses nearby? There are a ton of businesses near Tucson that the majority people do not know about.  However, that is why you are reading this article  – to learn more about the world of small businesses!

Many online businesses either sell their goodies on the app Depop, Poshmark, or the brand has their own website to search on. Independent business owners self-make products from jewelry, to eyelashes, to art prints, to their own clothing brand. Depending on the business, every purchase one makes in their store, the owner offers freebies along with the purchased item. Basically you get more than you bought!! Owners are precise in the color of their packaging, how it is presented when opened, and the experience and fantasy of their products. There are as well many ethnic restaurants here in Tucson that deserve recognition as much as Dutch Bros does.

Now you are probably wondering, why should I support local businesses? Why should I care? Simple, in some cases, owners start a business because they want to pursue their passion, or it is a source of income. If you think about, supporting a local business is likely to be more ethical ( treatment wise) than a well-known company that has hundreds of workers nationally. What differentiates a small business from a large franchise is how much exposure the brand has. Not all businesses can afford to promote their brand as much as a company like Amazon can.

What people can do to help small businesses is to endorse them and spread the word. Some businesses you can support today is Ha Long Bay if you’re craving Vietnamese cuisine and Rainbowthrashco on Depop if you want to accessorize! Hopefully, at some point in time, the once local business can become national. For a complete list of locally owned small businesses in the Tucson area, click here.