Bridge in The Grand Canyon Closes

Rowan Oxley

The Silver Bridge, near Phantom Ranch along the Bright Angel Trail, was closed on Sunday because of concerns about its structural soundness. This is a part of the Grand Canyon where hikers used to cross from the Colorado River. It is unclear when the bridge will be repaired or ready use again. However, the solution to the remaining construction will be for hikers to take different trails such as the Phantom Ranch on the North Kaibab Trail, Bright Angel Campground, the South Kaibab and Bright Angel Trails.

A hiker pauses on the Silver Suspension Bridge, aka the Bright Angel Suspension Bridge, along the Bright Angel Trail after sunset. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona (Mike Cavaroc)

Hikers have had to find an alternative way to hike around the canyon. An official worker of The Grand Canyon, says in a press release sent to ABC4 News, “During the closure, hikers will need to cross the Colorado River exclusively via Black Bridge. If hiking the Bright Angel Trail, hikers should anticipate being redirected to the River Trail, and the Black Bridge, which will add approximately 1.5 miles to their trip.” If you’re going to the Grand Canyon, it’s required to follow the safety precautions given by professionals.

Part of the Silver Bridge in the Grand Canyon

Since it is unclear as of now on when the bridge will reopen, you can click here to access information regarding alerts and updated news, and here to access information on the corridor trail system.