Pima County Fair: Undeterred

Pima County Fair: Undeterred

Rowan Oxley, Reporter

April showers bring May flowers, but we all know April has something better than rain. With everything that’s been going on for the past year, it’s surprising, but it’s still a relief that the Pima County Fair is coming to town. But what’s so special about the fair?

Well, the Pima County Fair has been a part of my life for a very long time. With activities like auctions, rides, foods, and games, it’s fun for the whole family! Your little brother can ride on the Carnival Crown Trackless Train Ride while your mom and dad ride in the Sightseeing Car, and you can go on the Flying Thunder Fighter. There’s also climbing walls, slides, flying chair rides, and way more! Pick your pleasure, and they’ll likely have something for you.

The fair is one of Southern Arizona’s largest annual events, with almost 250,000 attendees over an 11 day period. Claiming the title of one of the most affordable events, the Pima County Fair is open from 8 AM to 4 PM, Monday to Friday, and has contests, artists, bakers, food, and games! And of course, we can’t forget about the rides. The fair has amazing rides at affordable prices, and nothing but excitement the entire time.

My first memory about Pima County Fair is riding on the Ferris Wheel, laughing with my mom about how we failed totally at playing one of the games, and then, when we got down, getting kettle corn. That’s still a memory I treasure. I love and have always loved the fair. The games, the rides, everything is so enjoyable. I have never regretted a single time I went, and neither will you. I highly recommend riding The Zipper, my favorite ride.

Get to the Pima County Fair today at 11300 S. Houghton Road, Tucson Arizona, 85747. This will be an experience you won’t forget. But go quickly! The fair is only here until May 1. Have a bit of fun this year!