Top 10 Movies of 2022



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  • A long-awaited sequel, “Top Gun: Maverick” has left countless longtime fans as well as newcomers feeling satisfied with the continued story of Maverick (Tom Cruise) and company. The return of Cruise and Val Kilmer alongside a new cast is just one of the components that made this story feel truly real. Phenomenal writing and compassion for these characters and their neverending story is what left many fans bold enough to refer to this film as a far better “Top Gun,” which is the very thing a sequel must strive to be.

  • “The Batman” has taken the time to explore the superhero genre further, riveting the audience with its darkly beautiful twists. Bruce Wayne himself is portrayed in a new light by Robert Pattinson, who is only one of the reasons why this film stands out amongst the hero genre as a whole.

  • The last year has come out with a whirlwind of different horror films, but Ti West’s unique “X” is no doubt one of the most memorable. The dedication of the cast and crew alike is extremely commendable, and it’s because of them that this film has risen to the top. The characters are sympathetic and likable, and the villains themselves are understandable in their misdeeds. With its intriguing premise and its surprising final girl that trumps old-school tropes, “X” has defied classic horror rules and made itself a memorable watch for any film buff.

  • “Turning Red.” This children’s animated movie has found its way into the hearts of many after being released earlier this year. From the cute style of the movie all the way to the unique occurrences that take place, “Turning Red” has been a hit in the eye of the public. This movie is often described as heartwarming, as many have found comfort in its messages. The relatability of the characters is one of the main reasons that fans are fond of this movie. “Turning Red” is a fast-paced movie that is sure to draw your attention and keep it to the very end.

  • Guillermo del Toro’s “Pinocchio.” This year has turned up a surprising amount of Pinocchio movies, though del Toro’s beautiful claymation piece truly deserves to take the cake. The world surrounding these characters is magnificently spellbinding, and the audience has no choice but grow attached. The unexpected ending is sure to bring many to tears, and everything about this film feels universal and deserves a view from children and adults alike.

  • While this movie may not be for everyone, it has a whirlwind of twists that are certainly worth the watch if you’re a horror fan. “Barbarian” can easily make the audience feel disturbed and uncomfortable alongside the characters whilst not taking away from the film as a whole. There are exemplary moments of ‘show not tell’ throughout that leave the audience at the edge of their seats, begging for more details as they explore the mystery alongside the cast. The midway twist is jarring, and it leaves the film truly deserving of a second viewing; it is truly a piece of filmmaking that must be experienced firsthand.

  • Marvel fans were pleased when this highly anticipated “Doctor Strange” sequel was released to the public in March. What fans loved the most about this Marvel movie was the increased level of violence and gore as compared to the first one. Another thing that was seen as golden by the public was the actors’ performances in this beloved film. “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” was said to have exceeded the audience’s elevated expectations for the movie. It is very popular with many viewers and is known to be highly entertaining.

  • “The Bob’s Burgers Movie.” From a show to a movie, fans of the popular show “Bob’s Burgers” were pleasantly surprised when the creators came out with this movie. This comedy-filled animation was very much loved by fans in the community. The laughter that this movie brought was something that makes the movie worthwhile to watch. Viewers can notice the skill it took to perfect the animations and it was thanked by film fans. From the origins of Louise’s bunny ears, all the way to the Fischoeder’s secrets, “The Bob’s Burgers Movie” is said to keep you on your toes from beginning to end.

  • “The Lost City.” While some may feel indifferent about this film, fans are more than happy with the comedy aspects of this movie. The unpredictable twists and turns of “The Lost City” have made it much more enjoyable for its viewers. The onstage chemistry between the actors is something that made the movie highly admired by the audience of the movie. This romance and adventure movie goes above and beyond to keep you wrapped up in the story and plot, keeping you intrigued.

  • “Bodies Bodies Bodies.” This horror film is centered around Gen Z. “Bodies Bodies Bodies” is popular due to the destigmatizing of Gen Z. It focuses more on the stupidity of these teenage kids rather than the generation as a whole. This movie was described as a typical murder mystery with an ending that took a turn. The audience of this movie enjoys the bit of comic relief in the depths of this film. One of the most appreciated things about “Bodies Bodies Bodies” by the viewers was the high amount of satire throughout the entire film. All the technical aspects of the movie brought together made an attention capturing film that will make you stay until the very end.

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