Crazy and Weird News of 2022 :0


Cymona Abellard, Reporter

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  • Amu Haji is what people referred to as the dirtiest man alive. He was 94 when he died and the reason he never wanted to wash is that he believed that if he cleaned himself he would get sick. He went 60 years without a wash, then a couple of months before he passed, villagers were successful in bathing him. Then he got sick, as he predicted, and after a couple of months passed away.

  • Birkenstocks are sandals that are very popular in the U.S. Steve Jobs had a pair that he supposedly wore in the 1970s-1980s while developing important parts of Apple. They just resold a little while ago at an auction, and someone paid over $200,000 for them.

  • Every year in Maine they do a skiing fundraiser for a local charity, and they have been for many years. This year they raised around $7,500.

  • Levi’s jeans are very popular and well-known for their quality. People found the oldest known pair of jeans in a trunk on a shipwreck from 1857. They ended up reselling for almost $115,000.

  • A woman in Ireland put on 19 pairs of underwear in 30 seconds and broke a Guinness world record. She used to perform in theater and she said it reminded her of that.

  • On December 9th, in Virginia, a cow that escaped ran right into a doctor’s office through glass doors. Two cow catchers came to get the cow back and said it weighed 650 pounds.

  • On a random Thursday night in Florida, a truck driving around 10,000 turkeys caught fire. The driver said he pulled over at around 4:40 am when he realized it was on fire. No one was injured but a lot of turkeys were ruined and so were dinners.

  • This one is for people that pay attention to or believe in angel numbers. On Tuesday, February 22, 2022, there were 2 car crashes at mile marker 22. Many people are questioning if it was pure coincidence or the universe. Scientists say that it won’t happen for another 400 years.

  • Ezra Miller was a very controversial person this year. They have gotten in a lot of trouble for disorderly conduct and assault. After almost losing their job as the Flash, they apologized. Then this year, they have gotten involved in a lot of bad things once again.

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