Top 10 Songs of 2022


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TOP 10 in golden words

Montana Poe, Sports Editor

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  • “Super Freaky Girl” by Nicki Minaj is an explicit content song made for mature listeners. Nicki Minaj has shared a music video for her raunchy song “Super Freaky Girl.” The song interpolates Rick James’ 1981 hit “Super Freak.”

  • “About D**n Time” made by Lizzo is sort of a throwback feel-good song giving a 1970’s vibe and aesthetic. This song was a groovy fun time song for the summer of 2022. The song is about healing and moving on from a past relationship that you had or have and living in the moment. Lizzo is an iconic celebrity that is destroying boundaries that society made saying plus size women can’t make it and she is rejecting that slander completely.

  • “One thing at a time” made by Morgan Wallen was released on December 2, 2022. Coming face-to-face with some of life’s demons is the main point. This song was released to help people get through hard times and sad times. It is a heartfelt song for whoever has gone through a breakup that nearly shatters their spirit.

  • “Wait for u” by Future was released in May of 2022. The idea is that two lovers will wait for each other no matter what happens in their relationship. It is a catchy song that underlines the commitment a couple needs all around.

  • “Unholy” made by Sam Smith and Kim Petras is a sinful story made for one’s relationships and a secret affair. It is a very suspenseful song but it is very catchy to listen to. This song shocked the public because it was one of Sam’s biggest hits since 2015.

  • “Anti-Hero” by Taylor Swift was released in October of 2022. It is about Swift’s insecurities and anxieties in life both publicly. It is a sad love story that has helped many girls so far that have gone through break ups. Fans acknowledge the unique traits this song has and love her even more for it.

  • “As it was” by Harry Styles was released in April of 2022. The song is about embracing change and perspective shifts for his growth. Harry Styles intended for this song to come out next year but it ended up coming out this year.

  • “Made You Look” by Megan Trainor was released in October of 2022. The song was inspired by her insecurities about body image after her pregnancy. Her song is very upbeat and lively for the public to enjoy.

  • “Break My Soul” by Beyonce was released in June of 2022. Beyoncé sings about how she’s “lookin’ for a new foundation”. The track’s lyrics were written by Beyoncé and her husband, Jay-Z. It is a dynamic song for anyone who likes energetic songs.

  • “Bad Habit” by Steve Lacy was released in June of 2022. Steve Lacy has a unique sound to his music that shocked everyone at first. “Bad Habit” is a song about the missed opportunity to be with a girl he liked in the past.

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