Sahuaro’s Student Appreciation Week

Sahuaros Student Appreciation Week

Alyssa Urff, Sahuaro News Editor

We’ve all heard of teacher appreciation week, but what about student appreciation week? Well, Sahuaro’s Student Council decided that it was time to show some love to some outstanding Cougars!

All of the teachers were asked to nominate a student from their homeroom in honor of being awarded for their academic progress and achievement this 2018-2019 school year.

Goodie Bags that Students Received

The students recognized were Aalysha Carbonell, Alexis (Alexander) Rios-Fuentes, Alexis Cepeda-Soto, Alexis Lopez, Alyssa Urff, April McElroy, Avery Miller, Brexton Thomas, Brooke Zahn, Caleb Loya, Destiny Mattice, Dominique Beas, Ella Njunge, Emily Booher, Eric Fioryolo, Gabriel Torres, John Imanishimwe, Kaden Forgue, Kylie Pendleton, Latanya Khissy Beyniouah, Launa Sigars, Leo Brosseau, Lily Mclean, Madeline (Mads) Batchelor, Matthew Obrien, Nash Mohammed, Racham Berger, Rene Bartlett, Roselyn Bondoc, Victor Calderon, and Zhenia Rodriguez.

Each day of the week had a treat or perk that the students got to enjoy. Monday called for a candy bar and Tuesday included a goodie bag. Junior Avery Miller said, “The goodie bag came with a little motivating note, it was really sweet!” The students were announced on Wednesday and got to sport cute crowns decorated and made by Student Council on Thursday.  Friday wrapped the week up with the students meeting up for pizza during lunch.

Hard work and dedication paid off for these students and it can for any student who is trying their best. There is only one quarter left and you shouldn’t get discouraged, finish off the school year strong!