General Studies/Electives Offered Next Year

General Studies/Electives Offered Next Year

Are Sahuaro’s extensive elective offerings leaving you a bit overwhelmed with choices? If so, here’s a sneak peek into some of next year’s choices that you might not be aware of, to help you decide.

Driver/Traffic Safety

Instructed by Mr. Botkin, Drivers Ed will cover topics ranging from basic vehicle control to road rage and drunk driving. During this one semester course, students will have the opportunity to listen to a wide variety of guest speakers and participate in driving simulators.

Library Practice

Lead by Mrs. Dillon, library practice is a fun and resourceful course that offers work experience and extra study time.  Mrs. Dillon recommends the class to hard working students with good attendance who love to read. Students are required to read and review one book per quarter, and can receive a reference for your future resume.

Office Aide 

Being an office aide is another rewarding elective, teaching students useful secretarial skills like answering phones, greeting the public and making appointments. This class is a great resume builder, and is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Student Services Learning

Student service learners work with the Ex Ed department, assisting the students in their daily duties like their homework and assignments, and work in the copy room. Kind and open minded students are wanted to apply for class through their counselor.