UofA Summer Internships

UofA  Summer Internships

Alexis Bitnar, Reporter

While most students either spent their summer vacationing, working, laying on a couch, several Sahuaro students spent their summer doing science.  The University of Arizona had a summer internship program named KEYS (Keep engaging youth in science) offered to students sophomore year and up. The internships lasted 7 weeks, focusing on bio science, engineering, environmental health, and bio statics. They worked at Bio 5, an institute at the UofA that focuses on researching pharmacy science, engineering, medicine, and agriculture.

Halley Hughes and two other former Sahuaro students went to this internship program and Halley Hughes said, “You should do it even if you don’t know if you want to or like any type of science because it looks really good on college applications.” Halley worked in Biosphere 2, a laboratory for controlled scientific studies, collecting soil samples from the tropical rain forest.  They were preparing it for a drought.  They also collected root samples from some trees and put it in Hydron so they would freeze, then grinding them up and putting them in a big vacuum mechanic to test.

The U of A also has a medical internship that Sahuaro senior Christina Niyigena did, similar to KEYS, but instead about the medical field. Both internships can lead to job offers and U of A credits.