New Guy Mr. Sye


Alorah Leinenbach, Reporter

New English teacher, Mr. Sye, may look like a big tough man, but he actually has a really soft voice and needs to use a voice box. “I need the microphone to help me speak louder,” he softly tells the class.  He wanted to join Sahuaro to begin a new life style. He loves to joke around with kids and always tries throw out a sarcastic remark.  Like when asked, “Where were you before coming to Sahuaro?”  He replies, “I was on earth.” But then quickly adds, “lol…jk…I was in Georgia.”  Originally from Arizona, he was in Georgia teaching at Alpheretta High School.

Mr. Sye likes to coach football and boxing. On his wall he  has a boxing belt.  When asked how he won it, he once again has a witty reply, “Actually, I bought it at the store.”  He likes to use it in class to play games. When you walk into his room (208), you will find posters of Muhammed Ali, football, and family photos – all of his passions. He started to coach football later in life when he was 30 years old. Some of his picturesMr. Sye loves to watch football and has at least 100 pictures or posters in his room on the walls. He may seem intimidating but he’s actually really funny and loves to joke around with his students. He comes across as a nice and caring teacher. Mr. Sye came here to work and help kids do well in school and that’s what he is going to continue to do. The freshmen class enjoy that he’s a really laid back teacher and tries to make the class fun. In his class he likes to play around with the kids and laugh at them if they do something wrong, but no one takes it seriously because that’s just his personality. In his class, he throws a toy football around and students have to answer a question that he gives them. It keeps kids awake so they don’t get hit by the ball.

Mr. Sye has a lot of goals as a new Cougar. “Its going to be a hard one but I can accomplish it.”