To Join or Not To Join?


Winta Tekle, Reporter

Sonnets, tootsie rolls, and conspiracy theories: welcome to Sahuaros’ very own Shakespeare Club.

Every Friday the club is hosted by Mr. Smith, an ardent Shakespeare enthusiast, meeting in room 200 to discuss a plethora of things. Swing by and check out the club and get a more in-depth understanding of the works of Shakespeare that you didn’t learn in English class. I sat down with Mr. Smith to get an idea about what the club does. “I feel that we’re not getting full Shakespeare appreciation,” he smiles, as he goes on to explain that the club won’t be run like a seminar. They would pick bodies of work that interests the members: sonnets, comedies, and so forth. Sergio A. Romero, a senior and a member of the club, gives his reason why he’s so enthusiastic to join. “In regular theater, we don’t get exposed to the classical works of Shakespeare, so I’m really excited for Mr. Smith to teach us about that side of theater.” Sergio is a prime example of the exclusivity that the club grants. 

So, come and have fun with the works of Shakespeare!