Sahuaro’s After-School Tutoring with Mr. Collingwood


Andy Mourelatos

Students working in the library during tutoring.

Andy Mourelatos, A&E Editor

Need help on an assignment? Not understanding your classes? Missed work and need clarification? Then come to Sahuaro’s tutoring program with Mr. Collingwood and friends in the library after-school from 3:30-5:00 every Tuesday and Thursday.

Mr. Collingwood, math teacher, began this program called the Sahuaro Academic Study Clinic (ASC). He and several other teachers have been running the after-school tutoring program since the third week of school, and with this, he hopes to as he said, “create a better academic environment for the campus, where students have a place they can go to twice a week to get ahead and get help.” There has been an average of 50 students who are attending every Tuesday and Thursday. Especially with not having a librarian, it’s helpful for students who need to use computers or printers to work on essays or other assignments.  Mr. Collingwood says he has seen an improvement in his students and students who regularly attend. “We hope to have students who are looking forward to getting one-on-one help and improving academically as well as getting ahead.”

The ASC has received support from several other teachers, such as Mr. Jardini, Mr. Mack, Mr. Bertogilo, Ms. Good, Mr. Holbrook, Mr. Bellows and many others who have helped make ASC a perfect academic community. Mr. Collingwood believes there needs to be more support from teachers and administration, mainly in supervision. Science is also a key department that needs more representation and support in ASC. He also hopes that administrators can stop by and help legitimize what they are doing as a great environment for students.

Sahuaro’s Academic Study Clinic has already proved beneficial for many students and can hopefully continue to assist future Cougars in their studies.