My Experience at Tucson Pride

Alais Alzaga

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LGBTQ+ pride has been celebrated for decades. In fact, the pride parade and festivals this year are commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. This was my first time attending a pride parade and it was an amazing experience; the joy and acceptance was really nice to see. The parade started at 11 a.m. Decorated cars adorned with balloons, people dancing, and cheering all while a plethora of candy and hugs were given to anybody who would accept them. Companies and organizations held banners to show their support with their representative employees wearing rainbows and waving flags. There were also organizations chanting political statements as well as high schools showing support with the Gay Straight Alliance clubs.

Lucinda Holliday interacting with the crowd during her performance

During the festival, companies, organizations, and syndicates set up tents with free trinkets and informational packets with important issues. They had games set us to win prizes and to sign-up for email notifications. The local vendors sold cute items, LGBTQ+ flags and rainbow everything. Of course, there was a lovely drag show. Everyone was cheering while they had drag performances. They danced and lip-synced to different songs while the crowd sang along.

Katana Dietz said, “It was a really positive experience and a good environment and I really enjoyed it…My favorite part was probably getting to see the drag queens perform live; they were so energetic and talented. I find pride really important because so many people don’t have accepting families or a safe place to be who they are… To tell them there is nothing wrong with being who they are.”

Two girls cheering in the parade

Pride is a place of acceptance and love, and a place for everyone to be themselves. It’s a place to have fun!