New Position In The Front Office For Ms. Genung!


Ms. Genung in her current office

Alex Herman, Sports recorder

It’s a new quarter and a new beginning for activities and athletics coordinator Sarah Genung, who will be moving positions from activities/sports into the counseling office.

Even though as of right now she does not know when she will be starting, Ms. Genung took the counseling position as a higher scaled opportunity. Her new position will be having her locating substitutes for teachers who request a period or day off, working with the counselors, and working with the curriculum side of the school. She would say she’s most excited about, “The change of the scene… it’s a little bit different work than I’ve been doing for the last 6 years.” Ms. Genung has expressed that she’s not sure what she will be doing yet, but she doesn’t see it as being difficult from what she’s currently doing. She’s already begun learning how to get substitutes, which she has “never done before.”

Activities/Sports Office (Genung’s current office)

Ms. Genung would like it to be known that “I’m looking forward to working in a different office and I’ll be happy to be working with everybody over there [The counseling office] and I’m going to miss everybody over here [activities office] but I’m still going to be here.”

Counseling Office (Genung’s soon-to-be new office)

Aside from changing job positions in the office, Ms. Genung has also had a couple of exciting things happen in her personal life. She recently became a grandma in March, when her daughter gave birth, and her son bought a house and got engaged! We congratulate her on becoming a grandma and wish her good luck in her new office position!