The Employment Training Transition from School to Work


Mariana Flores, Beat Investigator

Employment training at Sahuaro is all about job skills training. If you don’t know what that is, then you should go to room 402, which is the Copy Center, and take in what exactly the students do.

They work on skills such as customer service, deliveries, laminating, and many more. This class takes students from all walks of disabilities and teaches them that they are capable of working. The program came out a few years ago when a few more people were hired at Sahuaro and doing job research. The staff would pull students out of their classes and ask them a few questions about job skills, asking them about what they knew about getting a job. Then they quickly realized that students at Sahuaro were missing classes, so they had certain periods where students would go into the Copy Center and work and learn about job skills. Each week every student would rotate to different jobs and learn about how to do it. By the end of the week, they had to fill out a reflection which tells the teacher how they felt about the job. When asked about their favorite job, Senior Richard Soreo said, “It is great! It breaks me out of my comfort zone, and it shows how capable I really am.”

When asked about what people do not like about employment training, Ms. Mindy Suarez said, “I think the one thing that students dislike is when the beginning of the year starts and the end of the year. We know that at the beginning of the year we are slammed with copies because teachers are wanting their stuff. At the end of the year, we are slammed even harder because teachers want their final exams, but until then everyone is it overall.”

Employment training has a lot to offer, including helping people find an internship with a certain job. Employment training helped a senior named Laz receive an internship with Transportation,
observing the different jobs they have to offer and many more. Employment training wants people to know that “you are capable of doing anything.” That quote has obviously made people think twice about what they have to say about themselves.