Tingz To Do In Decemburr


Jordan Ford, Opinion Editor

Oh, December…one of the if not best months of the year. But what is there to do in this holly jolly month? Here are a whole lotta things that you, friends, and family can do this month.

Zoo Lights: Do you love the zoo? Do you love Christmas lights? Then you need to pull up to Zoo lights. It’s kind of inexpensive and it’s fun to do with your friends or family. And did I mention its a good picture opportunity?

Winterhaven: Now here’s for the people who love being festive, and the holiday season in general. Winterhaven is so cute and festive and it’s a great experience to go and see the lights. It never gets old going there and I highly think you should go.

Ice Skating: If you did not know, recently an ice skating rink was open downtown. So why not go? Anyone can have a good time especially if it’s your first time skating.

Decorate Gingerbread Houses: They’re are so many different kinds to build and they come out so cute. You can have a contest between you, family, or friends.

Make Christmas Cookies: Do I really need to go off about why you should make Christmas cookies? They are DELICIOUS and very fun to make. If y’all make some I am kindly taking donations of the ones you make.

Binge watch Christmas movies: Christmas movies are SUPERIOR. If you have Disney+ this is a great time to put it to use. There are so many good Christmas movies to watch even if you don’t have Disney+.

Decorate A Christmas Tree: If you haven’t already, it’s time for you to decorate a tree. It’s so fun and makes you feel more in the Christmas spirit.

Have A Bonfire: Here is a great opportunity to hang out with people. Having a bonfire can be so much fun. You can make s’ mores, and just have a good time overall.

Make Christmas Decorations/ Ornaments: Making ornaments and decorations can be so fun. There are so many different things to make so give it a try.

Go To The Mountains: Since it really doesn’t snow in Tucson, going to the mountains is a great opportunity to make your winter wonderland dreams come true. Especially if you’re not traveling this winter. There are so many fun things to do up there so definitely put that on your to-do list.

Wear An Ugly Christmas Sweater: Tis the season to wear a great ugly sweater. Is there that one ugly sweater in the back of your closet that a family member made or gave you? This is the best time to wear it. And it will show your family that you actually wear it 😉 Or you can just buy matching ugly sweaters with your friends!

Make Peppermint Bark: I feel like December is the best month to make peppermint bark, it’s so good, and you make it with my friends or family. It’s super easy to make and its DELICIOUS.