Simply Cute Gifts For Your Anxious Friends

Simply Cute Gifts For Your Anxious Friends

Dacey Cervantes, Reporter

We all have those anxious friends, which is not a bad thing, but sometimes you aren’t sure what to get them for the holidays. Now don’t freak out  – here’s a list of some simply cute ideas you can use to make your anxious friends holidays a little less anxious.

Weighted  Blanket

It is proven that the help of this 10 to 30 pound (distributed throughout all the fabric) blanket helps people, who have anxiety, sleep better and feel less stressed. You can find these stress relief blankets at your local Walmart, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, and any other store that sells blankets. You can find these blankets in different colors with different patterns that’ll be perfect for whomever you’re getting them for.

Tibetan Singing Bowl

People claim that the vibrations from the bowl help relax their minds and reduce stress from their bodies. It harmonizes the cells and balances the body’s energy system resulting in relaxation and complete harmony.

You can find these mesmerizing bowls on Amazon, at Walmart, Barnes and Nobel, Guitar Center, and Target. You can find some with designs or just a flat smooth-surfaced one. They mainly come in a gold color and you can get a cute little pillow or stand to set it on. These bowls are great gifts and are amazing at soothing the soul of your anxious companion.


Who doesn’t love to light a candle and just relax? Nobody I’ve ever met. Get your friends or family some smell good colored wax jars. They are the perfect thing to just set in your room, living room, bathroom, etc.  Candles can help reduce stress through their scent. There are hundreds of different anti-anxiety candles on the market.

You can find these stress relief candles at any local store like Target, Walmart, Bath and Body Works, Amazon, CVS, and Wall-greens.


Get your loved one a journal to write all their worries and doubts down. Make it from you by hiding notes and letters throughout the journal or give them a thoughtful letter at the beginning of the journal. Make it more personally from you and encourage them to de-stress by just writing what’s on their minds.

Personalize the journal to who they are or find one that suits them at any store such as Walmart, Target, Michael’s, Barnes and Noble, and other book stores in your area.

Adult Coloring Books

As time continues, adult coloring books are becoming more and more popular and useful for people with anxiety, depression, and unrest. The coloring books come in multiple different genres and in many different subjects. Going from flowers, birds, anime, inspirational quotes, to dragons, and Edgar Allen Poe.

These coloring books come in multiple different sizes and styles. You can find these books basically anywhere like Target, Walmart, Michael’s, Barnes and Nobel, Bookman’s, and Amazon.