Get To Know Mr. Lown–Sahuaro’s New History Teacher!


Karson Lown–new history teacher at Sahuaro

Alex Herman, Sports Recorder

Month after month, Sahuaro students were left with no history teacher. For this period of neglect, partly due to the teacher shortage and partly TUSD bureaucracy issues, all students had were long term subs coming and going in frustration. Finally, in mid-December, the amazing new teacher, Karson Lown came along and he’s here to stay!

Before becoming a high school history teacher, Lown found himself playing four years of college football with an additional year of professional arena football. After having his football team fold, he decided it was time to get a job. He starting working at the mine for about three years and Grimaldi’s Pizzeria for eight years. He then went on to work at juvenile probation. Being a juvenile probation officer made him want to help kids, but he felt the system doesn’t allow you to do what is needed for them. “It was kinda turning me into someone I didn’t want to be, so I quit.”

Lown has always wanted to be a teacher/football coach. Helping and mentoring kids is a “passion” for him.  “I enjoy what I do, I enjoy history but you know…if I can reach one kid then it’s all worth it.” He does admit that it’s challenging getting used to doing what he needs to do as a teacher and getting it right. “Being a teacher is a lot more than people think. I mean I have to bring a lesson, I have to grade the papers, I have to make sure everyone is getting the information, so I think getting used to all of that is the challenge.”

The most rewarding thing for Mr. Lown as a teacher is just being able to be at Sahuaro. “It’s not about the reputations, it’s about the kids and the kids that are wanting to learn and seeing that kids want to take the time to learn something. I think that’s more rewarding than anything else.” He then went on to say that, “hopefully if I stay, I can get on with the football team and coach and continue following my dreams of mentoring.”