Viral London Singer Debuts on The Ellen DeGeneres Show!

Singer Charlotte Awbery is gifted 10,000 pounds by Shutterfly

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Singer Charlotte Awbery is gifted 10,000 pounds by Shutterfly

Jordan Myers, Associate Editor-in-Chief

For fifteen years, singer Charlotte Awbery has been booked for weddings, bars, and small gatherings. Now, she has been booked for one of the most-watched talk shows, The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

On February 26th, 2020, Ellen DeGeneres welcomed a special guest who has blown away over sixty-million people and counting. The singer Charlotte Awbery went viral with the help of content creator and prankster, Kevin Freshwater who approached strangers on video at the London Tube, London’s own subway.

Twitter users are quick to stan the up-and-coming singer

During the show, Awbery delivered a flawless rendition of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s “Shallow,” from the award-winning movie A Star Is Born. After her chilling performance, she joined DeGeneres on her famous chairs christened by the buttocks of many A-listers, and got to chatting.

“I’m absolutely overwhelmed with all of this,” Awbery admitted to what the British call having the ‘collywobbles.’ Host DeGeneres then listed off all the incredible things that have happened to Awbery since the impromptu moment went viral, including Ariana Grande following her on Instagram, to which she was quick to announce she had followed her back.

Awbery has always been passionate about her singing and making a career about it. She recalled her father’s inspiring and supportive words, “My dad always said to me, just, wherever you are, just always, just sing wherever you are. Never, ever give up.”

From commuting to the subway to singing on live television!

During the show, the cameras switched to content creator Kevin Freshwater when he gushed, “I was in London for about two weeks approaching so many different random people. And then I come across Charlotte, and she just blew me away.”

During the show, she was awarded one-year free rides on the London Tube and ten-thousand dollars gifted from the show’s partner, Shutterfly.

I wonder if Charlotte had any idea 2020 would be her year…💸