Auto Club Car Show


Alorah Leinenbach, Beat Investigator

Hot rods, great food, music, vending machines, and did we mention…HOT RODS?! Sahuaro’s Auto Club is holding their annual car show on Saturday March 28, 2020 in the north parking lot of Sahauro High School by the main entrance. Cars will start to come out at 8 am to go on display. At 9 am the registration begins for everyone. Then it moves into 10 am where the fun activities will began.  Finally at noon, the trophy presentation will start. For the student selection you can bring in old cars or classy cars to get prizes.

This will be Auto Teacher, Jack Ramsey’s, 3rd annual car show. Everything is in charge by Lily McLean, senior. During the car show an estimated 150 cars will participate and even more will show up. Cars ranging from a 1915 model to brand new cars are expected to be on display. When asked why they were putting on a car show Mr.Ramsey said, “We love to work with cars.” They are also organizing the car show to raise funds for future competitions. Another reason is because not many kids have their own tools to work with cars, so the money they earn will also go towards buying tools. If you do end up going to the car show, make sure to buy a T-shirt to help the Auto Club members earn money.