Is the Last Concert Past?

Alex Herman, Sports Recorder

Some of the talented junior and senior orchestra students!

Imagine putting lengthy months of your time into practicing with dedication, and achieving your accomplishments just to be told that your last concert of your high school career is canceled. That’s exactly what has happened to Sahuaro’s orchestra, band, and guitar students because of the COVID-19 virus going around. Although the orchestra’s last concert isn’t officially canceled yet, students are still worried about what the outcome will be.

At the end of the year Mr. Marrs, the orchestra teacher, usually gives out roses to all the seniors at the end of their last concert to acknowledge all their hard work they put in for YEARS. Senior Isabella Hoy is an orchestra student who has been a part of Sahuaro’s orchestra program for all four of those years and all these cancellations on Sahuaro’s activities have her “pretty worried about not being able to have that experience,” she said. “It’s just a little worrisome because ever since I started orchestra my freshman year I was excited for the day Marrs would hand me a rose on that stage, you know?” But Isabella hasn’t underestimated Marrs in recognizing the students saying, “Marrs is cool enough to make it happen no matter what, if we don’t go back to school, or if we can’t have our concerts.” The students have been currently working on a big arrangement of pieces called The Mass In G by Franz Schubert that they are planning on playing with a bunch of choirs IF it doesn’t get canceled. The students are now just relying on their picnic they have every year at Jesse Owens park to make up for the cancellation of their last concert.

Orchestra is still holding on to hope that they will be able to perform in their last concert, but as for the band – they were stricken with disappointment after they were emailed that their end of the year concerts were officially canceled. Band student and senior Joaquin Cota expressed his disappointment saying, “It was difficult to hear because we had amazing pieces for both our concert band and wind ensemble and of course not going to champs my senior year.” Even though there’s still a lot of questions and decisions in the air, the band still hasn’t completely given up. Every year the band students paint bricks in the fine arts hallway for the seniors. They are also still practicing their pieces such as Ride by Samuel R. Hazo, Lightning Field by John Mackey,¬†and Rock Music by Alex Shapiro¬†for their musicality.

With all the craziness going on the students are still staying strong, playing better than EVER, and have just wished and prayed for everyone to stay healthy and safe! Isabella would like to give a “Thank you to Mr. Marrs for all he does even through this crazy crisis.” I all hope everyone has some type of positivity and light during this hard time! Stay safe!