Freshmen’s Input About Covid 19


Alorah Leinenbach, beat investigator

While school is shut down we are stuck at home bored and doing nothing. As I am a freshman myself, I talked to some other freshmen to get their input. I asked some questions about if they are sad, what they are doing to keep busy, and their favorite freshmen memory. The first person I talked to was Nevaeh Conrad. She has been staying in her house because of quarantine and really doing nothing. She is really sad because she was “looking forward to my last few months being a freshman.” Her 2 favorite memories were making the cheer team and doing her monologue for theater.

The second person I talked to was Lina Recinos. She said she is not that sad because “we still have sophomore, junior, and senior year.” She is just sad that we have to stay at home for such a long time. To keep busy she has been babysitting her younger siblings. Her favorite memory as a freshman was meeting new people and spending quality time with her friends. She is really excited to move on to sophomore year though.

The third person I talked to was Matt Diaz. His favorite memory as a freshman was being able to hang out with older people. During quarantine he has been keeping busy by working on cars. He said, “I just bought a jeep so I have been working on it and getting it ready to drive.” He isn’t that sad about school being canceled, but he wants this all to be over with. The last person I talked to was Cayden Sidman. Her favorite memory was having lunch with all her friends. She is happy about school being shutdown because she doesn’t have to wake up early. To keep herself busy she has been hanging out with her family and playing with her cats and dogs. Even though we didn’t get to get the full experience as a freshman it was still a good time