Keep Calm and Meditate Om

Sahuaro’s Very Own Meditation Club!!


Gianni Martinez, Associate Editor-in-Chief

For some of us senior year is here, which is suppose to be an “unforgettable” experience.  For others, it’s our first year in high school – and the dreaded first day or terrifying rumors of “Freshman Friday” were a non-issue.  And some of us are simply stressed out with all the AP classes we signed up for, the sports we can’t compete in, the plays we won’t perform, and the football games we can’t attend. Nevertheless, we’re still in the middle of a pandemic, having been forced to endure online schooling, and don’t even get me started on the mountains of homework piling on my desktop. However, thanks to Mr. Rutherford we now have a solution to all this unwanted stress, and what better way to deal with it then meditation!  Yes, meditation. Now, I know you’re probably wondering-how in the world can we meditate online? A zoom meeting that will not only answer these burning questions but relive some of that built up stress we’ve all felt these past months. Well I had that exact same thought along with more questions on this subject, and so I’ve set up a short interview with Rutherford to discuss these matters.

The idea of starting a Meditation Club sounds impossible, however Mr. Rutherford is no ordinary teacher and this is no ordinary club. This club will include a flexible schedule for students and faculty, as well as two types of yoga and meditations that focus on breathing and don’t require physical movement. In our interview he discusses the types of yoga, one being Yen Yoga; no movement, no sweat, and it focuses on your breathing. Did I mention no sweat?? This gentle yoga is exactly what we need.

Next on our list we have Flow Yoga or Vinyasa, now this yoga is more fast paced and yes you’ll sweat out all your problems here, although it’ll tap into your physical and mental focus; this yoga would take up to 30 minutes. By the way, the chanting of om at the end of class signifies that your physical practice has ended and it is time to reenter society.

Lastly, he mentioned having short meditations that’ll take anywhere from 5 minutes to 15 minutes depending on how long you can sit and focus on your breathing, which to Rutherford is, “very hard.” These short meditations are not physical and only require that you are laying down, breathing, and focusing on your mind. I’ll definitely be participating in this one.

This club will not only test your physical and mental state, it’ll prepare you to be more organized, focused, and on time. Yes, be on time! The meditation club invites students and staff who are dedicated and willing to taking a few minutes from their busy schedules to just sit and relax. Yoga and meditation take time; it’s a repetitive and rhythmic pattern that’ll eventually help you relieve stress and become one with your mind.

Soon through visual learning and the soothing voice of Mr. Rutherford, he’ll be able to guide you through the poses, and you’ll be able to watch him as if you were in a virtual yoga class. Hopefully by spreading the word, and using the Remind App, we can have students join this club and grow our stress free community. Mr. Rutherford says, “The meditation & yoga club is up and running, and it’s open to everyone(yes, including teachers)! Here is the link to join my remind where I will post the schedule of classes and words of zen, and on there I will provide the link to my zoom for the actual classes. ”

“Most people misunderstand what yoga and meditation is, everyone needs this in their life,” Mr. Rutherford exclaimed. Indeed we do Rutherford, so be on the lookout, we’ll keep you posted through our instagram, keep your Remind App open, and remember… just breathe.