Dear Sahuaro: What is Campus Like Right Now?


Nathalia Valdez, Editor in Chief

Many of us are wondering the exact same thing, How’s our dear Sahuaro doing? Is anyone on campus? What are the custodians up to? According to Vice Principal Mr. Cephers, Sahuaro’s working on great projects “with tremendous help from our custodians.” They are on their regular work hours and are taking up some additional cleaning. They are in charge of cleaning high touch-point areas during school, and are deep cleaning before school, during lunch, and after school.

“Currently we have some students who met the district guidelines that families can utilize the learning space available,” remarks Mr. Cephers. Free lunch is also being provided to any student under the age of 18. “Students get school lunch daily from our cafeteria. It is a grab and go process from the outside window. Students can eat in the cafeteria socially distant. They can also eat breakfast with the same process.” he says.

Aleea Lanz, sophomore at Sahuaro High School, is one of the few students who attends campus. “I can say that it feels very empty. Only a small number of classes are being used and it’s so quiet everywhere you go. I’m not sure how the other small amount of students feel, but I can say I feel a bit lonely not being able to be around my friends. There are only about three other students in the classroom I’m in, so there aren’t too many people in one space. If I could change something, it would be the amount of time we get a break. We sit in the classroom from 8:10am to 12:20pm, we get lunch for half an hour, and then from 12:50pm to 3:15pm, there’s just more sitting. There isn’t much interaction, and it gets a bit bothersome how quiet everything becomes. I want a longer break period because I feel like it just isn’t enough at all. Sitting in the cafeteria is fine, but I’d just prefer a bit more time to actually take a break. It’s quite overwhelming not being able to just relax for a bit when you need to, like to go watch TV or snack. The most difficult thing is staying concentrated on the work, and remembering that school isn’t for fun. (Though, I wish things were more fun, but in safe way.) ”